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580+ Credit Score

Working on building your credit? That’s great! Exit accepts FICO credit scores of 580+.

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2+ Months Savings

Having a little cushion in the bank is important for all of us. Exit wants you safe and secure through your lease.


$3,600+/mo. Household Income

Exit considers all sources from your paycheck to a business or even a side job that helps make ends meet.


24+ Months Housing History

A history of paying your rent on time is key to your success with Trio.


Payment Max 1/3 Household Income

Exit is here to help you own, not struggle. We want to make sure you’re not burdened with your lease amount.


50% Max Debt-to-Income

We all have bills to pay and Exit wants to ensure you can comfortably pay your bills and lease payments.

Exit Realty 360 Offers You A Safe, Secure, And Flexible Way To Establish And Build Wealth Before You Buy

Exit Realty 360 Road To Home-ownership



If a lease-to-own solution is right for you. Based on your financial history and life goals, leasing through Exit could be the perfect fit.


Educate Yourself

By taking advantage of the homeownership educational tools provided by 



A solid foundation by leasing. We’ll help you save for a down payment and secure today’s prices and interest rates for tomorrow.



yourself to take control of your financial future and contribute to a rich community of likeminded homeowners thanks to EXIT REALTY 360

Exit Realty 360 Has Been Helping Americans Achieve Their Goal Of Home-ownership Since 2015

EXIT REALTY 360 associates has helped hundreds of families secure their housing future

What Housing Leaders Say About Exit

Exits fixed purchase option price and sharing of appreciation of the home during the lease period is a powerful tool

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