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​Exit 360 Makes It Easy To Empower Yourself And Take That Next Step Toward Financial Stability

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1. Appy

5. Final Approval

2. Pre-qualify

6. Sign Lease Make Deposits

3. Find A Home

7. Closing Complete Move In!

4. Make An Offer

8. Buy When Ready


Rent To Own (Fha) Assumable Loan

  • Locks in a 30-year mortgage at the time you lease and you can assume when you’re qualified.

  • Fixes an interest rate you can qualify to assume when ready and take over the remaining payments.

  • Protects you from being priced out of purchasing after you save for your down payment.

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Exit Realty 360 Just Makes Sense

EXIT REALTY 360 helps you build your financial future by offering you an easy way to invest in yourself.

  • The lowest purchase option price, starting at just 1% over the home’s cost

  • An included assumable 30 year OwnOption Mortgage

  • Build equity before you are ready to purchase

  • Select a new or quality used home in your market

  • Purchase anytime you are ready, regardless of your lease term

  • No down payment and low move-in costs

For more information on all of the programs available through EXIT 360, please email or call!!!

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